Wiegel, the home of creative advertising solutions!

Here at Wiegel, we have been successfully creating, developing and implementing bespoke advertising concepts for our clients, for almost 50 years.
Decades of client loyalty are testament to the quality service we provide, and the results we achieve.
Come on in and discover how we can help you.


Who we are

Wiegel Agency successfully operate across all business sectors – predominantly specialising in the B2B sector.
Originally founded in 1971 by Jörg Wiegel. His son Frank Wiegel, joined the company in 1996, and eventually became our managing director in 2001.
We have continued to grow and develop our agency into one of Germany’s leading agricultural specialist advertising agencies.
Following on from our early success working within the agricultural market, we have proceeded to expand and attract clients from construction and transport sectors.

We look forward to many more projects!

Who we are!


Our Rapid Reaction Task Force!

Wiegel Agency always provides a level of creativity that delivers tangible results. It’s why our clients continue to stay with us - and commission Wiegel for new projects year after year.
This is the very real benefit of effective and coordinated teamwork. The synergy between each strategic and creative department, enables client projects to be implemented efficiently, and in a target-oriented manner. This is vital for the team to function as an effective rapid reaction task force.


Performance Counts

We advise and deliver in projects concerning communication, customer acquisition, image cultivation, and much more.

We never run out of ideas! We have a whole host of creative, encouraging, entertaining, funny, great, ingenious, intelligent, pleasant, refreshing, stimulating, crazy & witty ideas.
In short, we provide advertising consultation, conception, events planning, graphics, processing, PR, photography, copy – everything you need from a reliable partner agency… and so much more!

Here are some examples – see for yourself!



Firstly, we would like to thank you – thanks very much to our clients for their decades of trust and cooperation!

Our clients are the most important part of our business, and having long-standing client relationships, some of which lasting well over 30 years, means the world to us. Working with our clients to develop businesses further, create future-proof strategies and explore new potentials – that is what matters to us.

We look forward to many new challenges and exciting projects with you!

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